Decision Making

Whats your criteria for a decision.  Any decision.  Your mind channels through a sequence of thoughts to make even the most mundane decisions on a daily basis . Your actions reflect the decisions and your experience deals with the decision instantly.

I support my trading decisions with a simple, regimented process. It allows me to react appropriately in any mood or stress environment.

10/10/13: From now on, all updates are now posted real time at the MarketFY home page for the TradersThinkTank Trading System:

Update 9/19: Sold AVGO this morning at two Profit Target Levels. PT1 and just under the final PT2 of 42.30. The actual sale last 1/3 was at 42.19. O posted the screen of the trades from the live site here:

AVGO sale

9/20 Open positions: AMT

9_20 open trades

Last weeks closing trades as reported:

9_20 closed trades

Update 9/18: I covered 100 % of the CME short sale put on yesterday at PT1 (71-71.30 range) and 70.33 (I basically didn’t have the chance to label PT2 since it dropped another point and I took advantage of this into key support with market strength). Notice the different screen shot I posted and this will be the norm from now on. i will at times post the spread sheet but it time consuming under this web-site / blog structure for now.

Current Positions:

Long 1/2 the  AVGO and looking for PT2 above 42-43 range.

Long 1/2 AMT and looking for PT2 and PT3 above the 76 to 78 ranges.

TTT_Update Trades_9_18

Update 9/17  ~ Sold AVGO just under the PT1 level posed the other day. Short CME in the system today and I also took CLNE off my “pending” long list today: all updates are posted real time here:

Update 9/16 : $AMT and $AVGO are in the position long list still as I see no reason to lower the PT1 level. I will update the sheet tonight if possible but most 

Update 9/9 : Morning update ~

Update 9/9: Afternoon Update ~ PT1 hit in $AMT as per the trading system model. real time here ~

Update 9/9 : Morning update ~ Sold some more AMGN under PT level, entry long in AMT and TXN will come off the “pending” short side list: real time action here:

Update 9/4: Long AMGN and AVGO as of this morning. I will updte the sheet tonight :  Live updates here ~

Update 8/26: Sold 1/2 of WYNN at 143.57 and I will raise PT2 from 144 to 145.50. Update ~ Sold the balance of WYNN at the new PT2 level


Update~ I added YUM to the short side “pending” list this afternoon. I will update the sheet tonight; Follow me real time here:

Update 8/23: Entry long in WYNN and added CME to the “Pending”  SHORT side list. Real time trading here:

Update 8/20: Adding EA to the “pending” long side.

Update 8/20: New list has been started. See the sheet. Correction on the dated posted, should have been 8/19. 


Update 8/15: Covered some THC above the original PT2 level as the gap can be support at 40.78. I’ll use the original PT2 as PT3 now and scale out like I did in OPEN.

Sold AXP for a hit to the P/L.  See updated sheet below.


Update 8/14: Closed OC short above the projected PT2 level.

Update 8/13 : Sold the last part of OPEN at PT3 which I spoke of in last nights post at 74.47. See my lower comments or real time here:

TTT_Update 8_13

Update 8/12: Cover short in OC. PT1  hits the target by a few cents so I took it. at the 38.08 mark. I will keep the PT2 in OC the same as posted in the sheets below unless the markets tell me otherwise.

PT2 hit in “OPEN” and I took a small amount off s i could move to PT3 > 74-75 range hopefully. Nice trade set up and cookie cutter system trade for me. Since I added a  third profit level (PT3) I’ll adjust the final % gain in the last column by averaging the PT2 and PT3 and combining them. They were even share sizes.  Once this trade is closed, PT2 column will actually be the average of PT2 and PT3.


Update 8/9: sold 1/2 of OPEN at PT1 and raided my stop to break even on the last half. I may split the last 1/2 into two parts and create a PT3 off the ATR based on Monday’s open. Stay tuned or get me here real time: Update 8/8 post open: Entry short in THC: Entry Short in OC : Entry Long AXP:  Real time alerts here: TTT_Update_8.8.cob. Update 8/8: Back from vacation with a new list posted below along with the past several closed trades.  New addition: Adding THC to the short side pending list below. TTT_Update_8_8. Closed Trades Updated to 8/8/13: Scroll down to view the past closed trade sheets for the past several months of data. ThinkTank_Closed trades 8.8 Update 7/24: STT failed the gap and looks like a bad close so I’m flat. Sold the balance at 69.69. NOTE to the  sheet ~ The sheet reflects the average price of the last two equal sales. The stop is a trail stop triggered today. So PT1, PT2 and PT3 (PT3 =  the trailing stop) where PT2 and PT3 are averaged since the share amounts were equally 100 shares each. This should represent the three sale levels as accurate as possible with my template. See below TTT_Update_7_24. UpDate 7/23: Sold 1/3 STT at 70.55 at PT2. I will look for a PT3 at 72.5 on the last 1/3 and average the PT2 and PT3 gains IF I get them in the future.  Real-time alerts to my system trading here Update 7/22: Sold the last of the HAL at 45.92 as I missed the PT2 level this morning at the opening gap. Update 7/19: SOLD part of HAL at the PT1 level (actually above it at 45.35 where PT1 was set to 45.15, see old sheets from last weeks posting). TTT_Update_7_19.-crop Update 7/15: STT ~ Sold 1/3 at PT1 : Entry Long HAL at 43.97 . Update to the sheet later and all real time action can be seen here: Update 7/9: Entry long in STT. TTT_7_9. Update 7/8:  The updated list is below.  A totally new list on both sides. TTT_Update_7_8 Update 6/27: Added ADBE to the list yesterday. I’m in Chicago for a few days so limited posts and I will try to update the sheets if I can. Scroll down to last weeks update and I’m still running the same list with ADBE added to it long side . Update 6/26: My Birthday so limited posts !! Update 6/24: My TradersThinkTank system is flat and 100% cash. I have a small SLV trade on but that’s NOT a system trade along with some active trading in currencies where I’m trading long USDJPY and closed a GBPUSD short out for some quick cash flow. See my twitter post for these off the system trades. I took a hit of almost 3% in BMY which offset my very nice MXIM short trade two weeks ago. Thankfully I hit my MRK PT1 but sold the balance at the stop-loss which ended up in the red slightly on the trade overall. So it looks like BBBY and BMY were the top two losers  the past few weeks with BP, BDX and MRK only slightly in the red on the close of the trades thanks to hitting my PT1 levels in these three trades.  (see the sheet updated below). Follow my system trading real time with all entries on and off the system model: TTT_update_6_24 Update 6/19: BMY stop loss hit at 46.05 Update for 6/14:  SOld 1/2 MRK at 48.46 ~After yesterdays move through the MRK stop and a close call, I held it only because of the bars never closed under the stop on any real time frame. So this morning we came a few pennies from the PT1 level and sold 1/2. Get these updates and all real-time commentary on my system trading here: Update 6/12: This morning I added the following stocks to the System on the “pending” short side field: AGU,CF and MOS.  This afternoon I got an entry LONG in MRK: See sheet below. Real time action here: TTT _ Update_6_12 Update 6/11: Long BMY at 47.46. Updates to the sheet with Profit Targets and stops tonight. Real time action here: Update 6/10: The list has been scrubbed of old stocks and a new list is running on the TradersThinkTank Trading System as we come into the week of June 10th in cash. Flat to the bone. See my real time and live updates here: TTT_Update_6_10 6/4 – 6/5 Updates: Closed last 1/2 BBBY as stop was triggered @ 67.74. Down to 1/2 BP long. I will update the Pending list this week as more stock fall off the “pending” lists. 5/31 Update: In the trading system and model, I stand with the same open trades all week.  see sheet below. Off the model, on a more speculative active trade,  I took the FXY off the table and booked some decent profits (see all my twitter posts on this trade). Recap; This week (in the system) we also closed the  MXIM short for a perfect trade in the  and closed 1/3 BDX at PT1, 1/3 at a stop loss and still in 1/3 for PT2  levels,  1/2 BP at PT1  and entered a new long in BBBY. ttt_update_5_31 TTT_may_closed 5/30 Update: Entry long in BBBY at 69.32. I may take DLTR off the Pending long side list so check back tonight or tomorrow for that update and more. Real – Time alerts with updates , profit targets and action here: 5/29 Update: Covered last leg of MXIM at PT2 by design. see sheet posted the other day. Real time here: 5/28 Update: I added BBBY and DLTR to the “pending” long side list today. I sold 1/2 the BP on the gap to the PT1 level at the open. Get real time trading alerts here for the system trades and all updates: TTT_Update_5_28. 5/24 Update: Cover 1/2 MXIM at PT1 of 29.79 area: Real time alerts and trades here: Update ~ Entry Long BP at 43.43 Updated running sheet for 5/24: TTT_Update_5_24. Updated Closed Trades to 5/24: TTT_UPDATED_CLOSED_5.24. 5/23:  Sold another 1/3 BDX at stop loss 5/22: SOLD some BDX under the initial PT1 spot due to market conditions and BDX range expansion to yr. highs.: Afternoon entry SHORT in MXIM ~Updates to the sheet tonight and real time here: 5/21: Entry long BDX. I will update the sheet tonight and real time alerts here: 5/20 : Sold STX this morning and corrected the post date from last week. I  put 5/20 by accident and it should have been 5/17. The STX trade was not acting well at the open and something smells to me so I trailed out tight for a tiny gain.  See my live trading alerts and chat real with real-time system updates here: TTT_Update_5_20 5/17: Update: sold the ETP for a tine gain. I’m not happy with the lack of performance and market action. TTT_update_5_20. 5/14 Update: Long side entry in STX (40.60) BUT I’m going in very small due to silly market moves. I’ll post sheet updates tonight.  Real time here:  5/13 Update to the system list: I closed the LLY totally and added to the “pending” long – side list~  TSS, ETP and MXIM Live alerts, chat and real time updates to the trading model here: ttt_uPDATE_5_13 Update 5/7: Covered 1/2 LLY short just above PT1 at open TTT_Updated_5.8

Updated 5/6:  I added a few names to begin the new list for the new week  on the trading system:. See sheet below.

TTT_Update_5_6 Update for 4/29: Its KY Derby week and I will be gone all week.  I will shut down my trading system and close all open trades at the opening bell today. I will Tweet the exit prices. I will update the sheet ASAP this week. Update 4/24: Sold another 1/3 of COG at the PT1 level (reported this earlier). TTT_Updated_4_24 Update 4/23-4/24: sold 1/2 BEAV at PT1 + ( 61.94). I adjusted the COG PT1 level to 67.05. The original PT1 level was an error. I added TSM to replace ABC to the Pending Long list. Update 4/22: Entry long in EPD, COG and BEAV today off the Trading System model. TTT_Update_4_22_close Update 4/22: I added several new stocks to the LONG side “Pending” list. Follow this real time here: TTT_Update_4_22. Update 4/19: AFL, PX and RYL come off the “Pending” list. I will update the sheet with a new round of stocks this weekend for next week. Updated 4/18: No changes today at all. I updated the running sheet. The TradrsThinkTank is 100% cash for now. I’m happy that I decided to cut the WDC out prior to set stop as my Model showed aggressive weakness in the $SPX.  TTT_Updated 4_18 Update 4/17 : Quick update as I trailed out of the OKE from the PT2 level. I  closed the last 1/2 at 49.75 Update to WDC:  Stopped out using a tighter stop other than initially posted based on the current model showing sell signals across the boards. Update 4/16: I took off several stocks as the algorithms in many went into a spiral and supporting technical deteriorated. Entry LONG in WDC is good and I took it as the system like this here. Get all my real time alerts and trading chat room on the model here: TTT_update-4_16 Update 4/15: Sold 1/2 OKE at PT1 . See sheet below from last week updates. 4/12 Updates: I updated the PENDING list for both long and short on the system model. 4/12 Noon : OKE entry long at 48.60 All real time trading  and system alerts to the system can be seen here: TTT_update-4_12. Update 4/5 : Pre and at open closes included JBHT and BIDU. Got aggressive in JBHT pre-market stop at 72.51 and PT1 =  BIDU at 83.28 and balance at PT2 = 83.09. The Model is FLAT and I will update a new running list this weekend. have a great weekend ! Nick TTT UPDATE 4_5 Update 4/4: Come within a hair of JBHT stop loss so far. Entry short in BIDU at the 85.52 level. I will update sheets this afternoon. Updated 4/3: QLD stop triggered today at 60.15. I will update the sheets tonight. Updated 4/2: I added JBHT this morning and got a entry at 10:00. I will update the sheets later. 4/2: Entries in JBHT and QLD today. I also updated the “closed” list. TTT_UPdate_4_2 I updated the CLOSED list also with AET. TTT_CLOSED_4.2. Follow me trading  my system real-time and live here: Update 4/1 : Sold AET on a rogue news spike above PT2 (53.39) and now flat. TTT_Upate 4_1 Update 3/28: I’m adding the following to the systems PENDING long list: KLAC,MXIM,MU Update 3/27: Added $GOOG and $PCLN to the Long side PENDING list. Open bounce ~Sold DIA short to off-set any aggressive key $DJI selling. I will not put this on the sheet. TTT_Update_3_27 Update 3/25: After raising my target in UTX from 93.70 to 94 even and just missing the top sale, I trailed 1/2 to just under the original PT1 level near the gap up and was hit. Notice my PT 1 and 2 levels are tighter due to contraction in ATR by design. Follow me trading  my system real-time and live here:

UTX sale ~ TTT_update_3.25

UTX sale ~ TTT_update_3.25

Update 3/22: Entry long in UTX, not a surprise after the range held all week. TTT_update_3_22 Update 3/21: MON stop loss hit after only one day in the trade. Good to take a quick loss in this market. The model is 100% cash and I don’t see any close entries today long or short. TTT_Update_3_21 Update 3/19: New list on the Trading Systems “pending” entry list and updated closed trades sheet. KSU updated PT2 levels taken down to 108.90 and the STOP moved up to just under cost. recall I sold 1/2 for a profit (see sheets). TTT_Update_3_19



Update /18:  Stopped out of the QCOM and KSU holding its ground so far. I will update the running list (Pending) tonight with some new stocks. TTT_Update_3_18 Update 3/14: Pre-market update in QCOM as I adjusted the PT1 and PT2 levels to 67.25 and 67.80 . Removed VMW from the short side pending list. Sold KSU with an adjusted PT1 level at 107.50 as a trail. Chart updated below. TTT_3_14TTT_3_14Closed Update for 3/13: Entry long in KSU at 106.61.

Entry Long KSU

Entry Long KSU

Update 3/12: I took SNDK off the “pending” long entry list and replaced it with QCOM based on model rules. Entry in QCOM from this afternoon trigger.

QCOM entry Long

QCOM entry Long

TTT_update 3_12 TTT_update 3_12 Update 3/11: I added CSCO to the long -side pending list and deleted ASML. TTT_Update pending_3.11 Update 3/8: Running list updated.  I took off KORS and a couple other stocks from the list as the Algo signals faded to way beyond entry. TTT_3.8 Pending List Update Update for 3/7: I set a trail in AGN, then decided to get flat as it was downgraded today. the profits must be kept and the fear of a gap down tomorrow in SPY and / or AGN would be bad.

Update with sale of AGN on trailing stop.

Update with sale of AGN on trailing stop.

Update 3/6: I added MON to the Long side “pending” list. TTT_Update_3.6 Update for 3/5 am: Sold UNP on the gap up through my PT2 level and flat. TTT_Update_3.5am Closed Trades TTT_Closed_3.5 Update 3/4: Several updates for today

  • Closed the short sale of AEM at the PT2 level. Nice trade!
  • Added KSU and JBHT to the pending long side list.
  • Updated the CLOSED sheet.

TTT_UPDATE_3.4.pdf TTT_CLOSED_3.4 Update 3/1: I added KSU to the Pending list , long side.

TTT_Updated Trading system. Add  KSU to Pending Long

TTT_Updated Trading system. Add KSU to Pending Long

Updated 2/28: Afternoon update, covered 1/2 of the AEM short just .04 cents from my PT1 level. TTT_Update_2.28.afternoon Update 2/28: Added KORS to the Pending List. ttt_update_2_28 Updated Trading Model 2/27:  Additional names on the pending list. Also recall i was stopped on 1/2 of the AGN long as I tightened my stop. (See Tweet) Update 2/27 Noon: Sold 1/2 of the UNP at .20 under original PT1 level of 137 due to fast move up intra-day. PT2 level on balance in play. TTT_UNP TTT_update_2_27.noon UPDATE 2/26~ I sold 1/2 of AGN at a tighter stop 106.60. Ill update the sheet later. Update 2/25: I added new symbols to the pending entry list and will add more as my scans run throughout the day. TTT_Update_2.25.noon Update for 2/20:  Well, we were stopped out in MOS and came close to stop in ZMH. Good thing I took my PT1 level a tad short in XLE last week too to keep up tip top shape and cash rich. TTT_Update_2_30 close Update 2/14: I took BAX off the pending list due to 2 of 3 algo signals went false. MOS moving up nicely as is XLE.  No changes to PT1 or PT2 levels necessary yet. Update 2/14 Noon: SOLD 1/2 XLE at just under the designated PT1 level due to extension intra-day and market level.  SALE WAS AT 79.17 & PT1 was at 79.50. TTT_TradingSystemUpdate_2_14_noon Update 2/13: Entry long in ZMH. TTT_System Update_2_13 Updated 2/12: I added a separate sheet that shows only the closed trades. In the future, I will also put in the entry/exit dates.  Remember, I tweet my entry points and exit points to compliment the activity. TTT_Trading System Update_2_12 TTT_Closed_2_12 2/8: I updated the entire sheet with a new list of running symbols.  BAX is the closest to entry today based on the S1 algo signal. I kept the past few updates posted here for comparisons until I get a cleaner method of posting the sheet and separating closed and running trades. TTT_Update_2_8 2/7: Trailed-stop out of the last piece of AIG to protect all profits. TTT_Update_2_7 2/7: the TradersThinkTank Trading model entered long XLE this morning. TTT_Trading System Update_2_7 am Update for 2/6 post close: slow couple days as no triggers . i took HAL off the pending list and added XLE.  See chart below. TTT_Trading System Update_2_6 Updated for 2/4 ~10:30am: Sold the last 1/2 of COST at just above break-even point due to poor performance and profit preservation.  Recall I sold 1/2 on Friday on the excessive range up move. I kept both sheets in place here so you can compare. TTT_TradingSTstem Update_2_4 Last Update for 2/1:  Sold 1/2 COST at just under 104 where my PT1 level was 104.40. TTT_Trading System Update_2_1 Update for 2/1: SOLD some AIG at the 38.80 spot which is about .60 cents under my original PT1.  Why, because it was too easy and I like to take off the cash when it has a range expansion day. IF this works as I think, then 40 -42 is next and I wont sweat any pull backs with a smaller trade on. TTT_System Trading Model Update _2_1 1/31 Updated to the #TradersThinkTank trading system: Two things ~ 1) I forgot to add the  entry date to the “IN Trade” column (but I tweeted it) and 2) we entered long side MOS today. TTT_Trade Update_1_31 1/30 Updated list: I added three new stocks to run on the Trading System. they are HAL, MOS and UNP. This is the second time I’m running HAL.

System Trading Updates for 1/30

System Trading Updates for 1/30

1/28: Post close update with two new entries today: AIG and COST.

System Trading Update: 1/28 close.

System Trading Update: 1/28 close.

1/28 Update with several new running on the system:

Updated 1/28 : Symbols running

Updated 1/28 : Symbols running

Closed trade only on this sheet for reference.

TradersThibkTank System Model: Closed trades.

TradersThibkTank System Model: Closed trades.

1/17: We sold 1/2 the CL at the target 1 level (green box)  and will manage the balance. We sold 1/2 CCI at the target 1 level (green box) and will update the next level tonight. 1/18 We sold 1/2 of the HON at a spot just under the initial PT1. 1/21 : Updated to reflect marked levels. Note that several stocks did not trigger and I will update the running list Tuesday 1/22/13 in the am. 1/22: BC Target / profit level 1 hit today. I will update the sheet below post close. 1/22 Afternoon update: Added ASH entry long and sold 1/2 of ITW at a slightly lower target to reduce long side exposure. 1/23: Several updates to the “pending” entry list. Sold ASH at a spot below the designated PT1 level to reduce long side risk and book a quick profit. I took JOY off the running list due to signals failing across most trigger points. Sold last 1/2 of BC at a second Profit Level just under the PT2 level. 1/23 Afternoon update: I closed $ITW and $CCI to reduce risk in front of AAPL eps. I simply reduced the PT2 (Profit Target 2 ) levels to close out these nice trades. 1/24 : Sold the last part of CL at the PL2 level of 109.70. 1/24: Sold the last lot of HON under the PT2 level to get flat all longs. Flat across the system ! 100% cash. Updated at 2:00 pm to include Net Gain:Loss

Updated 1/24 2 pm w/ Net G:L

Updated 1/24 2 pm w/ Net G:L

The system is based on two sets of signals and set up as a strategy for automated trigger which is then verified. 1) The “algorithm” signals are a set of points that trigger true or false for three specific data points , S1, S2 and S3. All three must be TRUE in order to fulfill the entry criteria.  2) Supporting the algorithm are four technical indicators. The price must be above the 50 sma, a RSI reading above the 50 mark with no excessive divergence, upward sloping OBV and a stochastic signal.

There MUST be no less than two supporting indicators to compliment the algorithm signals. Targets are two tired with the PT1 calculated as part of the model and PT2 is manually set by me , when need be. We always want to maximize our gains but there are times when only one profit target (PT1) is used.

Updated 1_15

Updated the master list to include new entries today. A few names fell off the list due the rules for entry being too far from their points.

Nick Pirraglia


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